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Alcator c-mod

earl marmar head of alcator reviewing data
Dr. Earl Marmar, leader of the Alcator Project, studies C-Mod data.

Today, we are closer than ever to realizing the dream of harnessing the nuclear process that powers our sun. This stellar process, called fusion, produces minimal waste and offers the hope of an almost limitless supply of safe, dependable energy. Among fusion research groups, MIT's Alcator C-Mod project is unique in its dedication to compact size and high performance. It is the world’s highest magnetic field tokamak plasma confinement experiment. As a result, Alcator experiments have performed at levels rivaling the largest fusion experiments in the world.


Tour Alcator C-Mod

A large set of photos of the interior of Alcator C-Mod were obtained 
at the end of the 2013 maintenance period. The purpose of the photos was to create realistic high-resolution representations of the interior of
Alcator C-Mod for display online and in print.



Learn about the main objectives of the project, as well as the unique aspects of this facility on the cutting edge of plasma physics.



Includes run schedule, engineer operator schedule, current experiments, mini-proposals, run summaries, news groups, vacuum and invessel related information, and Tokamak short-term engineering plans.


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Relating to both current status and previous experiments.


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