(In effect from 1998 to January 2012)

There are three organizational levels in the TTF:

The TTF Steering Committee (TTFSC). The TTFSC represents the three main pillars on which the U.S. Fusion program rests: 1) the research institutions, 2) the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, and 3) the technical program through the working group leaders. In the past, this committee has been the main decision-making body of TTF. In the reorganization, the TTFSC will take an oversight role while the TTF Executive Committee will be responsible for running the TTF. The Steering Committee will meet once a year in conjunction with the annual meeting of the APS/DDP to listen to the report of the TTF chairman on the status of TTF and provide advice on the future of TTF. The TTFSC will be chaired by the TTF chairman once his/her term in office is completed. It will be the responsibility of the Steering Committee chairman to maintain a balanced representation in the Committee.

The TTF Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The TTF chairman is responsible for leading the TTF. His/her main responsibilities are:

He/she can delegate some of these responsibilities to the vice-chairman of the TTF or to some other member of TTF. The tenure of the TTF chairman is two years. At the end of the tenure, he/she becomes the chairman of the TTFSC and the TTF vice-chairman automatically becomes the TTF chairman. The TTF vice-chairman is elected by the TTF Executive Committee in a secret ballot by simple majority. Any member of the TTF can nominate a candidate for the TTF vice-chairman position. The only requirement is prior approval by the nominated person.

The TTF Executive Committee (TTFEC). The TTFEC is constituted by the working groups leaders, an elected member from each working group, the TTF chairman, the TTF vice-chairman and chairman of the TTFSC. It is chaired by the TTF chairman. The main role of the TTFEC is to run the TTF. The TTFEC elects a new TTF vice-chairman every second year. It meets at least once a year during the annual TTF Workshop, but can be consulted by the TTF chairman during the year through E-mail or by telephone.